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Anne Stokes the Artist


Anne lives in Leeds in the beautiful county of Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom, with her husband Ralph, young son Leo and spinger spaniel Obi. She has been a full time artist for about 12 years. Ever since she was a child and her father read her "The Hobbit" she has loved the world of fantasy. "It is wonderful to be able to work as an artist and share my visions of fantasy worlds and characters with other people" says Anne.

She has produced a lot of artwork for clients in the games industry, including illustrations for Wizards of the Coast's Dungeon and Dragons rule books and miniatures. Her artworks have been licensed on a wide range of merchandise including T-shirts, posters, book covers, calendars, jigsaws, tarot cards, sculptures, CCG sleeves, mugs, jewellery and greetings cards. To find out more about these products and the companies that produce them you can visit the License Art section of this site.

Anne's husband Ralph Horsley also works as a fantasy artist. You can check out some of his fantastic artworks by visting
Anne says "It is always really nice to get emails from fans of my art, however I do sometimes get rather a lot. They are all read and appreciated but unfortunately I don't always have time to reply to them all. If I did so there would be no time to paint the pictures! I have put up answers to some frequently asked questions about myself and my art in the Questions page".

Art takes a lot of practise and all this did not happen over night! Anne says she would like to say a very big and heart felt thank you to her parents Bryan and Barbara Stokes for all their love, patience and support, without which all this would never have happened.

"Thanks also to Brian “Yap” Barry for many years of encouragement.
Last but by no means least, thanks to three very special guys, Ralph, Leo and Obi, for sharing my life and for being an inspiration".

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