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Can anyone buy from Mt Meru Wholesale?

Only authorised retail companies that are based in New Zealand. To become an authorised stockist please apply here. If you are a consumer and want to find a stockist please click here.


Can any Retailer apply to be a stockist?

Yes, but all applications need to be approved by Mt Meru Wholesale before goods will be shipped. If there are already approved retailers in any given area not all applications may be granted.


Once I am an Approved stockist can I purchase any Mt Meru Wholesale Products?

Due to branding and sales territory restrictions not all retailers in a given area are authorised to stock all products. Please check with Mt Meru or the local territory representative for further details.

How do I pay for the things I buy?

If you are a new or web customer and have not applied for a Credit account there are three payment options.

  • You can direct credit payment to our bank account (Westpac Account # 03-1322-0195722-00)


  • you can pay by Mastercard or Visa through the secure online payment system on the web site (when you finalise your order)

  • you can send a cheque to Mt Meru Wholesale Ltd, PO Box 238, Silverdale, 0944 Auckland

Applying for a Credit Account

Once you have access to our products and the web site it is possible to apply for a "20th of the month" credit account.

To qualify for this kind off account you will first need to be spending an average of $500 per month.  Once this level of busines has been achieved regularly you can download the "Credit Application" form at the link below...

Please ensure you fill in all the fields on the form and then either fax or email ( and we will happily look at your application. 

Download Credit Application Form


What do I do if something I buy is damaged in transit?

Please check all shipments when they arrive.  If there is any obvious damage to the box/es tell the courier before he leaves.  If the damage is apparent after you have opened the box/es please fill in the “Damaged Goods Report”  (download Damaged Goods Credit Request Form here) that comes with the goods and fax to 09 426 1049.  If you have a digital camera the quickest way to get credit confirmation is to take a photo of the damage and email to


Can I pick up items up from the warehouse that I have purchased via the website?

Yes – please request a pick up on the web order and wait for confirmation from Dispatch that the order is ready to be uplifted. The address for pickups is:

24 Forge Road
Phone 09 426 1035.

Click map for full details